The S’loonshine Distillery Producing Authentic Tennessee  Moonshine:

Using an early 1900’s tradition and recipes along with an authentic copper still to make his Moonshine, Michael Ballard has given a true to the taste moonshine. Hand-crafted and distilled right here in the sleepy little town of Trimble, Tennessee.

Michael Ballard’s authentic Tennessee Moonshine Recipe delivers a punch and a taste that’s second to none. If you have already tried our classic blends, Platinum, being our untouched, straight from the still, kick you in the butt 80 proof Shine; followed by our classic flavors of Apple, Peach, Strawberry, Blackberry and Vanilla. You have got to try our new flavors, Apple Pie: As if Grandma had some whiskey on hand to make her pies with; A fantastic Blend of  Cinnamon, Apples and whiskey. Break into a jar of Café: A coffee flavored whiskey that will satisfy anyone who enjoys coffee’s taste, and convert those who don’t! This is a flavor that will astound you! There are more to come. You can also stop by the official S’loonshine site and make purchases there.We’ll be sure to let you know what’s in the pipeline.

If you happen to be in town, drop by the distillery and take a tour, the folks there love to have visitors. They do this everyday and enjoy explaining the process of making the Shine. They keep the windows open so they can chat with you as you look around. Since you’re in the area you’ll have to check out the Tasting Room and Gift shop, Here you’ll find all the available flavors, and sample shots at the bar. Plus, They even keep a little bit of everything on ice, so you don’t have to wait for a cold drink. They also carry all the latest and greatest Full Throttle Saloon Merchandise, so you don’t have to go all the way to Sturgis, South Dakota to get it. Though we would love to see you there too!

As you tour the area, you’ll notice Michael Ballard has used both his Tennessee charm and Full Throttle know-how to make this place an ultimate experience. There is plenty of room to host parties, weddings, group functions, or anything else you fancy. You can reserve the area to host your next event and we can cater it too! If you would like us to host an event for you, just give us a call, at (731) 297-2002, or shoot us an email at Let us know what you’re wanting to happen, and we’ll fine tune the details.